EducationUSA Canada Social Media and Infographic Innovation

Project Title EducationUSA Canada Social Media and Infographic Innovation
Project Summary EducationUSA Canada needs a creative, problem-solving individual with initiative who enjoys creating social media posts, maintaining social media management sites, creating infographics, blogging, and implementing strategies to gain more social media followers. [Sarah Fahmy is assigned.]
Country Canada
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section EducationUSA
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Mandatory Skills: understanding of Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn functionality, intermediate Hootsuite skills, intermediate infographic building skills, and strong command of English language and grammar. Important Talents: the drive to understand social media analytics and use them to increase followers, creative and functional writing, an aesthetic eye, an interest in trolling the internet for relevant content, and a sense of humor. Additional assets (preferred): a background in education advising or higher education management (examples: on-campus positions with the Registrar, Study Abroad, Campus Tours, etc.), and some written French knowledge.

Desired Skills Interests
• Experience with website and social media platforms (non-technical)
experience with HootSuite
experience analyzing social media metrics
excellent writing skills
intermediate infographic building skills
creative writing skills
aesthetic eye
sense of humor
Additional Information

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