Project Title Americana
Project Summary To share engaging digital content (videos, images, written content) about Americans and American culture with young Russian-speakers.
Country United States
Agency Department of State
DoS Office IIP
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 10
Project Description

The Americana project seeks to improve attitudes about America among young Russian-speakers around the world by sharing engaging digital content (videos, images, and written content) about Americans and American culture. Americana content posted on and the platforms of our Embassies in Russian-speaking countries might comment on the values and experiences that Americans and Russians share, provide a glimpse at America through Russian eyes, or examine some commonly held stereotypes that aren’t actually true (to name a few examples). Students will pitch individual story ideas for videos, photo essays, or written content pieces and explain why they think the content would be appealing to an 18-25 year-old Russian speaker. Students whose pitches are accepted will be contacted by the Americana project team about the details of their pitch and to establish a timeline for the completion of their piece.

Desired Skills Interests
Strong writing skills
photography/videography experience
interest in sharing American culture
Russian cultural knowledge preferred but not required
Additional Information

Story pitch for video, photo essay, or written article. Include information on why the story would be interesting to an 18-25 year-old Russian speaker.

Additional Requirements (Strongly preferred):
If submitting a pitch to produce written content, students should submit a short writing sample
If submitting a pitch to produce a photo essay, students should submit 3-5 sample images or 1 photo essay
If submitting a pitch to produce a short video, students should submit a sample of their past video work