Project Code: STATE-AGO-14

PAS Luanda EducationUSA and American Spaces Intern

Project Title PAS Luanda EducationUSA and American Spaces Intern
Project Summary Support the EducationUSA adviser with virtual sessions on college admission essays and application process. Support the American Spaces Coordinator with program evaluations by creating easy to use surveys and implementing technology to track attendance.
Country Angola
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

EducationUSA: The intern would set up EducationUSA virtual sessions/ conversations about colleges in the United States. The audience is Angolan students seeking to embark on higher education in the United States. The intern would contact admissions offices in the United States to schedule and coordinate skype calls about the admissions process, financial aid options, and campus life. The intern could also coordinate with recent alums (ideally those who speak Portuguese), as well as professors in fields like business, leadership, public policy, international affairs, extractive industries and the sciences. Since English is not the native language for Angolans, the intern would support aspiring students with proofreading essays and interview prep. The intern will also support potential applicants with tips on academic writing. The intern would be encouraged to discuss the challenges that international students face on U.S. campuses and the ways that people have overcome them. Video tours of campus or snippets about extra-curricular activities would also be welcomed. The intern will be given the resources to ensure that anyone taped gives proper consent. S/he will also support EducationUSA in Luanda by responding to questions on Facebook pertaining to education in the United States.

American Spaces: The intern would craft monitoring and evaluation tools for the American spaces program. The intern would also look for good and easy to work apps for American spaces visitors to sign up when they walk-in. The intern would design, implement and review these feedback mechanisms to inform PAS Luanda how we can improve our existing services and programs.

Required Skills or Interests
Cultural diplomacy
Data analysis
Survey / polling design
Additional Information

The intern should have good computer skills, strong writing skills in English, good communication skills. Strong organization skills and independence preferred. Post prefers a college sophomore or junior.