Project Code: STATE-USA-HR-43

WordPress site for a new State Department Global HR initiative - ERA

Project Title WordPress site for a new State Department Global HR initiative - ERA
Project Summary Elevate the content on Electronic Recruitment Application (ERA) to a new level by creating a WordPress site.
Country United States
Agency Department of State
DoS Office HR/OE/PC
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

ERA will be globally deployed by Spring 2019. It is a step-by-step vacancy builder that allows Human Resources (HR) at the 170+ Embassies/Consulates/Missions overseas to create and post vacancy announcements electronically, and allows for the efficient and effective review of applicant information to easily create short-lists and expedite the recruitment process. This is the first time a global electronic recruitment system has been deployed for overseas recruitment and is the most significant change in recruitment in decades.

HR/OE has created a series of Job Aids, powerpoints, charts, word documents, notice boards, pdfs, and other promotional materials and this information is currently on an internal Sharepoint site .

To capitalize on this new innovation in recruitment, ERA needs a more modern, user friendly site. The traffic to the site would be mostly HR specialists and HROs from the Embassies/Consulate and Missions overseas. The material from the WordPress site would also be available for download and use on the hundreds of overseas Mission’s internet and intranet sites.

The project would involve creating the look and feel for the WordPress site, in coordination with the ERA Team, creating multiple pages and transferring the documents. The content is clearly organized on the current Sharepoint site but an eye for detail and organization to benefit users is appreciated. In addition, creating an easy to follow one-page primer to assist with the maintenance of the WordPress site would also be required for the project.

Required Skills or Interests
Educational design
Graphic design
Website design
Additional Information

WordPress, creativity, and interest in user friendly design for an international audience.