Project Code: STATE-USA-MED-96

App Design for Wellness Diplomacy

Project Title App Design for Wellness Diplomacy
Project Summary Can an enterprise mobile app improve the health and wellness of our nation’s diplomats? We think so. MED Wellness is charged with empowering our employees to live their healthiest lives, through promotion of activities and educational opportunities across the globe.
Country United States
Agency Department of State
DoS Office MED/OH
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 6
Project Description

We envision an iOS/Android app (smartphone and tablet) that integrates with our class calendar, allows employees to register in advance for the class, receive push notifications of a change or cancellation, share the app and/or a class with a colleague, and allow attendees to provide class feedback.
The app should grow with our office and offerings; as we add classes, they should populate on the app, regardless of location (including eventually outside the area).
The app should also have a backend that provides usage, and attendance and satisfaction data.
Use Cases
Use Case 1: Sally works at location A and wants to attend the HIIT class in location B, which starts at 12pm. At 11:30am, she notes her work schedule allows for her to attend, and pulls out her iPhone. She opens the app, logs in, selects the HIIT class she wants to attend and registers for the class while walking to location B.
Use Case 2: Bob is registered for Yoga at location C, which begins in 15 minutes. MED Wellness is notified of a room change and sends a push notification to Bob and all others registered for that Yoga class. They receive notification on their phone of the room change and can head instead to the new location.
Use Case 3: It is end of the first quarter and MED Wellness generates attendance and satisfaction reports for: all classes combined, all classes per location, each individual class, all classes per type.
Use Case 4: Students attend the new 7am yoga class at location D and are very pleased with the teacher. They pull up their app on the way to work and hit the smiley face or green to rate high satisfaction.
The student(s) will work directly with MED Wellness and may interface with MED IT and MED leadership throughout this process.
4. Project Scope Requirements
The student(s) will assist with the entire project life cycle.
The app should work on the following platforms:
• iOS
• Android
• Windows
• Web (intranet)
The app should work on the following devices:
• Smartphone
• Tablet
• Desktop
Back End
MED Wellness uses a WordPress site on the Department’s internal system. The app will need to work within this system. We can provide details such as APIs etc. as needed.
Push Notifications
The app should offer push notifications for location change, date/time change, additions, and cancellations.
We will need to track usage and event data.
6. Project Timeline
Ideally, this project should be completed in full by end of this internship.

Required Skills or Interests
Design thinking
Software development
Website design
Additional Information

MED Wellness is a small office within the State Department’s Bureau of Medical Services. We are charged with empowering our employees to live their healthiest lives, through promotion of activities and educational opportunities on sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Our office is based in Washington, DC with a global reach and mission.