Project Code: STATE-USA-HR-163

Video Captioning at State and Section 508 Projects

Project Title Video Captioning at State and Section 508 Projects
Project Summary The intern will caption Department of State video media targeted at domestic and foreign audiences including embassy and consulate YouTube videos, press clips, speeches, and training videos. Office seeks to make all video media Section 508-compliant and accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
Country United States
Agency Department of State
DoS Office HR/OAA/AD
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 4
Project Description

The Department has developed a comprehensive video captioning program to provide captioning to all video produced domestically and overseas. Captioning makes information and news accessible to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, and enables non-native-English speakers to understand important information.

Primarily, the intern will create accurate video transcripts, varying in length from one to 60 minutes. Examples of these videos might include:

1. A YouTube video of the Secretary speaking at an international conference,
2. A webinar on the use of social media in diplomacy, or
3. An information video outlining consular services and procedures at an embassy.

Interns may also work on projects related to Video Captioning and Transcribing. This internship will provide broad exposure to public diplomacy and foreign policy issues, as well as issues of interest to Civil Service employees.

See “Additional Information” for more.

Required Skills or Interests
Editing and proofreading
Additional Information

Other assignments may include:

1. Scanning YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms for uncaptioned videos hosted by embassies, consulates, or other groups within the Department of State.
2. Research projects relating to audio description, technology in video captioning, etc.
3. Creating marketing products for Video Captioning team outreach.
4. Create and contribute to an internal newsletter/blog which will be housed on the internal Video Captioning SharePoint site.
5. Participating in bi-weekly or monthly conference calls with other interns and the Video Captioning team, discussing projects and related issues. Interns will take turns taking notes of the meeting, practicing an important professional skill, particularly useful at the Department of State.
6. Other assignments related to Section 508, audio description, and/or video captioning, as needed.

Guidelines will be provided, but successful interns will also need to have considerable flexibility, as it is impossible to predict the actual work level on a weekly basis. The ability to work well both independently and on a team is important.

At first, interns may find it takes a considerable amount of time to caption one video. Ultimately, interns will be expected to meet a ratio of approximately 1:8 (1 hour of video: 8 hours of transcribing and captioning).

Assuming a time commitment of 10 hours per week, interns will, after time given to learn and improve the skills necessary, be expected to transcribe and/or caption up to one hour of video per week.

The abilities to work independently and remain self-motivated are crucial to this project. The intern will be working with other virtual interns; therefore, communication and flexibility are also highly important. Accurate typing skills and attention to detail are important as well.