Project Code: STATE-CHE-33

Brief the U.S. Embassy Bern on Russian Disinformation Activities in the Swiss Media

Project Title Brief the U.S. Embassy Bern on Russian Disinformation Activities in the Swiss Media
Project Summary You will build a base of knowledge regarding Russian disinformation tactics as well as the Swiss media environment. Monitoring news from Swiss traditional and social media, you will prepare a report to the Embassy staff twice weekly on important relevant trends and actors.
Country Switzerland
Country/Region of Focus Switzerland
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

The virtual intern will be primarily responsible for a twice-weekly report on observed Russian disinformation tactics and trends in Swiss traditional and social media. Working closely with Embassy staff, the intern will learn how to recognize typical Russian disinformation tactics utilizing online training and resources, familiarize themselves with IIP’s customized analytical research of the Swiss media landscape, and stay abreast of new relevant topics. The intern will develop a system for identifying and prioritizing Swiss news sources, such as newspapers’ online platforms and social media accounts, focusing primarily in German (French and Italian are also helpful language skills). The applicant will provide a written report, including factual commentary on an article’s or posts’ subject matter, the publication company, the author, and the disinformation tactic used (with their links/references) in English. The intern must be able to sufficiently read and contextualize Swiss media content.

Required Skills or Interests
Additional Information

The U.S. Embassy Bern seeks a motivated, dependable candidate to work independently to complete training assigned, understand the Swiss media and political landscape, and report Russian disinformation tactics and trends appearing in German language media sources (preferrably French and Italian, as well). Training will be organized by the supervisor at Embassy Bern.