Project Code: STATE-LBY-98

Changemakers: Social Entrepreneurship in Libya

Project Title Changemakers: Social Entrepreneurship in Libya
Project Summary This intern will help create a virtual space to foster and encourage new ideas and also share how innovation in this sphere can drive social, economic, and environmental change, developing a platform to connect Libyans from all cities in order to cooperate and share ideas.
Country Libya
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

The intern will engage with the group members through live video chats, share ideas from the American experience of successful models of social entrepreneurship, and encourage the members to use English in explaining their ideas and stories (in order to connect to entrepreneurs outside of Libya, including in the U.S.) The intern(s) will also help create a network of Libyan cultural managers working in Libya's nascent arts sector, in order to create sustainable cultural institutions (both for-profit and non-profit). Possible Libyan partners for the interns include "alumni" of U.S. Government-sponsored exchange programs, such as International Visitor Leadership Program and Fulbright, and U.S.-sponsored entrepreneurship programs in Libya.
Useful Skills or Interests:
General knowledge of Business administration tools
Civic engagement experience
Interest in general American successful social enterprise and startups
Comfortable with doing live video chats
Social Media Skills

Required Skills or Interests
Cultural diplomacy
Economic analysis
Social media management
Additional Information

The U.S. Embassy was evacuated from Libya in 2014 due to insecurity. We are now a virtual team with staff in Tunisia and Libya and we welcome the contributions of our virtual interns based in the United States. This internship offers a unique opportunity to "meet" Libyan students and young professionals. Come and join our virtual team!