Project Code: EDUSA-UKR-2

EducationUSA Ukraine Intern

Project Title EducationUSA Ukraine Intern
Project Summary Gain international experience and develop cross-cultural, communication, presentation, and leadership skills by assisting Ukrainian students interested in studying in the U.S. The EducationUSA Ukraine Interns will work with prospective applicants to U.S. colleges through peer-advising and workshops.
Country Ukraine
Agency EducationUSA
DoS Office N/A
Section EducationUSA
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

This internship is perfect for students interested in working with a dynamic group of students and supporting the future leaders of Ukraine. Interns will develop their cross-cultural, communication, presentation, and leadership skills as they work with the U.S. Embassy’s target audience of regional youth populations and internally displaced persons from Crimea and Donbas. In addition, interns will gain practical experience in international student advising.
EducationUSA is a U.S. Department of State network of advising centers in over 175 countries. Advising centers in Ukraine provide prospective applicants to U.S. colleges and universities with accurate, comprehensive, and timely information on opportunities to experience U.S. higher education. Interns selected for the project will work under the supervision of EducationUSA center in Kyiv and engage with students in the country-wide Competitive College Club program.
EducationUSA Ukraine is looking for two interns to work with a cohort of about 70 Ukrainians seeking admission to Bachelor, Master’s, or PhD programs in the U.S. Interns will engage with students by leading virtual workshops/presentations on the U.S. admissions process, campus culture, and American culture; proof reading essays, sharing their own college experiences, and co-leading book discussions.

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Editing and proofreading
Additional Information

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