Project Code: STATE-USA-PA-93

Digital Interactive/ Data Visualization Developer

Project Title Digital Interactive/ Data Visualization Developer
Project Summary Design and code a digital visualization for the Diplomacy Center’s exhibit testing and online resources.
Country United States
Agency Department of State
DoS Office PA/USDC
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 3
Project Description

The Diplomacy Center will be the first museum in the nation dedicated to telling the story of diplomacy and of the diplomats who have served and sacrificed for their country since the founding of our nation. Our mission is to educate and inspire all visitors through engaging programs and exhibits that showcase how diplomacy has shaped our nation’s history and how diplomacy continues to play a vital role in their lives.

The Diplomacy Center is conducting a hackathon in September, ImpactHack. ImpactHack will be a live data visualization-focused hackathon in Washington DC in which participants utilize resources from the world’s top authorities to tell stories of international collaboration. Topics span from multilateral treaties to energy access. Winners will be judged on innovation, technical achievement, and practical application of interactive prototypes.

Interns will select one of the winning projects from the hackathon according to their interest and skill and develop the project to completion. Interns are not required to attend the hackathon, but they may choose to if it is accessible to them. The final completed product may be used for exhibit testing, communication, or live as an evergreen digital resource for educators and the public.

The ideal candidate is creative, resourceful, and willing to both utilizing programming knowledge and gain new expertise to expand the project to a fully functioning and well-designed product. The intern will be guided by the staff’s UX and interactive designer and exhibit team.

Required Skills or Interests
Data visualization
Additional Information

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