Project Code: STATE-PHL-39

Visualize Customer Orders and Production History for Global Publishing Solutions

Project Title Visualize Customer Orders and Production History for Global Publishing Solutions
Project Summary Help us evaluate our rich data sets! We have millions of records of printing procurement by product type, geographic location, local language, dollars spent, shipping costs, and transit times. We would like to analyze our data in visual form through the use of geo-encoded maps and interactive data.
Country Philippines
Country/Region of Focus Global
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section Other
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Global Publishing Solutions (A/GIS/GPS) has served all embassies and posts worldwide since 1950. Our primary service is printing but we also manage several other information management services. We work as a nonprofit in-plant operation; we are part of the Department of State and only charge operating costs to produce our high quality books, pamphlets, magazines, brochures, flyers, course materials, posters, and multimedia products. Our 70,000 square foot plant is located in Manila, Philippines, but we serve all embassies and overseas missions. Since the year 2000, every transaction, every project, every email, every inventory item, every shipment, every detail has been entered into a Filemaker Pro database of our own design. It's a great record keeper, but we can't get the reporting as slick and useful (shareable) as we want. We can't use this data to make important decisions, other than basic spreadsheets.

That is where you come in. We would like to create geographic maps and data driven charts and diagrams of our business by geographic location, by language, by product category, by quantity, by dollars spent, by shipping mode. We would like to see what's in decline, what's growing, what geographic regions are most reliant on us. We need a data scientist and/or designer to help us format this data into intuitive, dynamic visual charts, graphics and maps.

We have only a modicum of experience in GIS applications or free platforms like Carto and Datawrapper, but are willing to sponsor a commercial product to reach our desired objectives. Our in-house technicians can help you access the data which is 100% unclassified, so you can work remotely.

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Data analysis
Data visualization
GIS expertise
Infographic design
Additional Information

Our work is unclassified. Our internal systems and records are in English. Many of our products are in up to 70 foreign language versions.