Project Code: STATE-AZE-79

Design a Job Interview: Researching and Proposing Interview Questions

Project Title Design a Job Interview: Researching and Proposing Interview Questions
Project Summary Research evidence-based effective job interviewing mechanisms and best interview questions to identify candidates with target values, thought processes, behaviors, skills, and abilities. Design real questions that will be used in recruitment.
Country Azerbaijan
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section MGMT
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

What is your greatest weakness? Are you a detail-oriented person? How many baseballs can fit inside a standard Boeing 747?

…Are these the best questions to ask applicants? And how do you use the responses effectively?

Interviewers typically have less than ten questions to get to know a candidate and often make up their mind in the first few minutes; what questions we ask, how we ask them, and how we assess the responses is incredibly important to making hiring decisions for a wide range of positions and fields. This project will allow you to dig into these questions and create proposals for recruitment.

Partner with our Human Resources team to discuss current interview questions used by Embassy Baku, survey existing research on Interviewing techniques, and get involved in designing not just recruitment questions, but how to approach the entire recruitment process – making real-life interview questions and scenarios along the way and bolstering your own confidence and abilities as an interviewee at the same time.

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