Project Code: VA-USA-60


Project Title Recruiter
Project Summary Seeking recruiters to screen, select, and onboard qualified candidates for the Digital Media Engagement Team internship. Recruiters will screen and selecting potential and candidates based on objective criteria for a particular job.
Country United States
Agency Veterans Affairs Department
DoS Office N/A
Office Symbol OPIA
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 50
Project Description

Recruiting interns will occupy a tremendously important role on this internship team. A major portion of your responsibilities will include ensuring that we have enough personnel to accomplish our goals. You will be reaching out to other college students with the goal of recruiting them to our team.

In some cases, you will be directly reaching out to other students. In other cases, you will be providing recruitment documents to career services on college campuses. This includes building, developing, managing, and maintaining relationships with universities. Successful interns will not only ensure short-term results, but also look toward future needs. This will include distributing recruitment materials, attending career fairs, on-campus recruiting, and other ways of connecting with students.

Regardless of where your attentions are directed, the overall goal is for you to find students with the appropriate skills to fill areas of need on our internship team.

Required Skills or Interests
Additional Information

The Department of Veterans Affairs' Digital Media Engagement Team internship is one of the largest and most established internship programs available through the Virtual Student Federal Service. Last year, our internship had approximately 120 interns in various departments and leadership positions. If you want to join a team that is well structured and will offer meaningful work that will help you build skills that you can actually add to your resume, then you should definitely join our team.

For more information about interning with the Department of Veterans Affairs' Digital Media Engagement Team VSFS Internship program, please visit: