Project Code: STATE-VNM-2

Vietnam Bi-Weekly Macro-Economic Highlights

Project Title Vietnam Bi-Weekly Macro-Economic Highlights
Project Summary Research and summarize macroeconomic developments in Vietnam for inclusion into a bi-weekly U.S. Embassy Hanoi newsletter.
Country Vietnam
Country/Region of Focus Vietnam
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section ECON
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

We are looking for someone to research and summarize up to eight interesting and pertinent news stories each week to be included into the bi-weekly newsletter highlighting macro-economic developments. We want news stories that include economic statistics on topics such as economic growth (or lack thereof), inflation, credit growth, industrial productivity, labor productivity, manufacturing output, trade and exports, foreign direct investments, budget deficit, fiscal issues, banking and financial services, energy and oil sector, and infrastructure developments in Vietnam. Ideally, intern will submit written product by Saturday NOON EST every other week for review and publication. There are many Vietnamese English-language websites, such as,,, in addition to international economic and business media outlets. This Embassy newsletter gives a bi-weekly snapshot of Vietnam's economic trends and has wide U.S. government readership.

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Economic analysis
Additional Information