Cyprus: Using Social Media and new technologies for outreach

Project Title Cyprus: Using Social Media and new technologies for outreach
Project Summary Assist with public affairs outreach programs through social media and new technologies, blogging and supporting the Embassy’s efforts to connect with and inform various target groups about a variety of subjects relating to U.S. culture, education and policy.
Country Cyprus
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

Nicosia Public Affairs Section wishes to increase engagement on existing social media channels, creating content and encouraging audience interaction. We aim to engage Cypriot youth and believe that American students would be able to help our small staff in enhancing our content. We plan to work with the Virtual Intern to incorporate American culture on our social media channels and use it to promote U.S. arts, science, education, and policy. While locally produced content is more appealing, we also need to amplify U.S. Government priorities to our audiences. Selected student will need to possess better knowledge and understanding of popular content and knowledge of the social media platforms, which will assist us in enriching our content and delivering our message to our audiences in a more attractive and effective manner.

Required Skills or Interests
Additional Information

Post uses Facebook as our primary outreach tool to Cypriot youth. On a daily basis we post on a variety of subjects, including culture, current events, holiday celebrations, information on Embassy and State Department programs, environment, and policy issues. To support this outreach effort, we would like to combine photos and videos from local and USG internet sources and campaigns in attractive audio-visual products to feature on Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social media channels. We would also like to include more videos, photos, audio podcasts, and possible Facebook competitions for the coming year. Another of post's priorities is the promotion of U.S. Education among the Cyprus secondary and tertiary students.

We also will look at creating new social media channels, and drafting a strategy for their development. Another project will be the creation of a blog by the intern on which he or she can post experiences of college life, everyday activities and interviews with other students and professors. The intern will work with the Nicosia team to prepare social media campaigns, designs, and incorporate U.S. public policy priorities in social media posts.

We would like our Virtual Intern to follow current trends in social media (mainly Twitter and Facebook), work on alternative platforms and means to reach our audiences. Awareness of current State Department priorities and International Information Programs (IIP) campaigns and priorities is important. The intern will work on special projects relating to American music, education, art, etc. in order to help us expose our audiences to areas of U.S. Culture which are not widely covered by media. We wish to focus our content to target the Embassy goals such as the protection of human rights, promoting U.S. education and U.S. image, and increased opportunities for U.S. businesses. At times, Nicosia’s Virtual Intern may also be asked to help with audio and video transcription, assist in procurement related matters and proposal drafting.

In the past, our Virtual Interns were able to identify areas of interest to our audience and worked with the PAS team to analyze data and adjust social media campaigns to increase interaction and reach of our posts.