Project Code: USAID-UKR-7

Research and Communications Rockstars Needed!

Project Title Research and Communications Rockstars Needed!
Project Summary USAID/Ukraine is seeking support to assist the Mission in monitoring and evaluation efforts; conducting research on topics related to Ukraine; researching and analyzing efforts of other donors; and, producing and editing reports related to the Mission’s activities.
Country Ukraine
Agency Agency for International Development
DoS Office N/A
Section USAID
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

Potential tasks during the internship could include:

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
Track completed and planned assessments, studies, evaluations, etc., including, but not limited to other donors, etc. in Ukraine;
Identify and collect proxy and context indicators, which could be used for monitoring progress achieved in implementing critical reforms at the national and sub-national levels, in sectors and selected institutions/organizations, define baselines and map the progress made;
Attend and report out on webinars pertaining to Ukraine;

Communication and Outreach
Produce briefers, documents, or other research papers and analysis on topics related to the Mission’s current and future programs - Russian media influence in Ukraine, the Government of Ukraine (GOU) preparedness for epidemics, natural disasters, economic shocks, large-scale sabotage, etc.;
Produce summaries and fact sheets highlighting key findings and recommendations of evaluation reports for external stakeholders and partners;
Review and edit documents, including, fact sheets, newsletters, and reports;
Compile regular briefers/reports (in written and/or graphic form) on major trends that could affect the Mission’s ability to achieve its goal and objectives (economic, political, social trends both in Ukraine and in the world writ large; public statements by leading Ukrainian, Russian, or other dignitaries; programs/plans of other donor countries in Ukraine; etc.);

Update donor profiles by researching Embassy websites (often in local languages), OECD data, domestic donors, and contact info to help the Mission/PPL/E&E Bureau advance donor coordination;
Research and identify local organizations (business/private sector and professional associations, universities, think tanks and non-governmental organizations, etc.) that USAID could approach for joint programming.

Required Skills or Interests
Data analysis
Editing and proofreading
Additional Information