Project Code: STATE-USA-ECA-166

Blog All About it!

Project Title Blog All About it!
Project Summary Bloggers Wanted! Are you a good writer with an interest in global policy? Do you want to connect with individuals who live all over the world and help tell their stories on a State Department website? Then this project is for you.
Country United States
Agency Department of State
DoS Office ECA
Post N/A
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Number of Interns 2
Project Description

Welcome to the TechCamp team! You will be a part of a team that brings innovative tech ideas and solutions to audiences all over the world in order to make an impact on global policies. One day you might be writing about an NGO in the Gambia that used social media to kickstart a historic election, the next you might be talking to a women-owned business in Pakistan that was able to mentor business in India because of our program. We will connect you directly with the experts and the participants who are making a difference every day in their communities. We will ask that you interview them, get their stories, and write about it in a compelling way. The articles you write will be posted on our website. For more information about our program visit

Required Skills or Interests
Cultural diplomacy
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