Project Code: NIC-USA-3

Community Supervision Strategies

Project Title Community Supervision Strategies
Project Summary Help make a difference to hundreds of community supervision agencies across the country. This project will contribute to a one-stop-shop for agencies on supervision strategies.
Country United States
Agency National Institute of Corrections
DoS Office N/A
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Number of Interns 2
Project Description

The field of community corrections has dramatically improved community supervision practices over the past 10-15 year and with the advent of new technology, many departments are using more and different tools to support their work. These tools may include Global Position Systems (GPS), electronic monitoring, mobile devices, mobile reporting (by offenders), body-worn cameras, reporting kiosks, and other technology.
There are also remarkable changes to internal operations such as electronic case management, virtual reality based training and computerized risk assessments. While the underlying principles of supervision remain the same, it is a difficult and confusing process to sort out the pros and cons of all the available choices.
For each topic area, the microsite (currently in development) would include descriptions of the technology, any available research, any best or promising practices, examples from agencies currently using the technology and their policies, and in some case video testimony from officers and offenders about their experience.
The microsite would also include information as stated above on some of the other skills that officers use, such as Motivational Interviewing and also current practices around wellness and trauma response for critical incidents.

Required Skills or Interests
Design thinking
Editing and proofreading
Additional Information

E-tern(s) to research current applications and resources regarding community supervision tools and practices. This will include research, resource tracking, organization of materials and writing of descriptions of available technology and development of other page content for each topic area.