Project Code: STATE-IND-176

'This Alumni Life' - Telling Alumni Stories

Project Title 'This Alumni Life' - Telling Alumni Stories
Project Summary Use your creative writing and infographic skills to tell Regional English Language Office (RELO) Alumni stories. Help us tell the stories of how our educational programs affect participants' lives. These powerful stories will be used as program materials and as way to inspire others. Apply today!
Country India
Country/Region of Focus India
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Communicate with alumni from India, Afghanistan, and Bhutan and the United States to help them share their stories about how their participation in one of our many programs has changed their life. We want others to hear the full range of the experience including the good, the challenging, and the uncomfortable. We know our programs are transformational both personally and professionally and we want others to hear the personal experiences that go with facts and figures and of the context in which the participants found themselves in. Create infographics to help illustrate the context for the audience.

The stories should be first person narratives you help the alumna/us write using guidance from the RELO team. We want the stories to reflect the diversity of the experience, to resonate with the audience, and to give some food for thought to the reader/listener. These will be collected in written format, but possibly recorded for podcast as well depending on technology available.

Required Skills or Interests
Cultural diplomacy
Data visualization
Editing and proofreading
Infographic design
Additional Information

The RELO Office has several different programs for which we seek alumni stories: English Language Fellows are Americans who come to India for 10-months to serve as educators of English language in various settings; English Language Specialists are Americans who come to India for short-term projects (2-4 weeks or more) to work on concentrated projects with select institutions on very focused English language projects); English Access program Alumni have completed two-years of intensive English language study during their secondary school years or early university days and also learn about American culture; E-Teacher Alumni are English teachers who study graduate-level coursework online facilitated by reputable U.S. universities. Courses are typically 8-10 weeks long and have limited participants (25). We also have educators we work with in face-to-face training who then take the training back into their classrooms. Many of our alumni to travel to the U.S. on tailored programs and we seek to hear about how that travel to the United States and their program has made an impact on their lives. There are many story opportunities to choose from! We look forward to your creativity to make them come alive