Project Code: STATE-BLZ-174

You Better Belize It: Or Help Make "Belizean News Clips" Un-Belize-able!

Project Title You Better Belize It: Or Help Make "Belizean News Clips" Un-Belize-able!
Project Summary Assist the hemisphere's smallest Public Affairs Section (PAS) in revamping our daily morning news summary to better inform our readers at the Embassy as well as in Washington about the most important news stories in Belize and Belizean media's coverage of the Embassy's activities and U.S. policy.
Country Belize
Country/Region of Focus Belize
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

In Public Affairs Section (PAS), we focus on furthering U.S. foreign policy through a variety of programs involving press, education, and culture. One of our main tasks is to deliver concise and accurate information to our readers at the Embassy as well as in Washington on the situation on the ground here in Belize as well as Belizean media's reaction to our foreign and domestic policies. The Embassy’s daily news summary is one of our special products--over 200 people receive the digest every day and for many of our readers this is their only source of information on Belizean news. In order to be more effective and impactful, however, the daily news summary needs a significant face lift: we would like to revamp and revitalize it to ensure that we are providing key information in a reader-friendly and timely manner. We want our readers in Washington to receive their news from Belize before they head to key morning meetings and we want them to have a comprehensive and accurate picture of the most significant news developments in Belize. The virtual intern would come up with a new look for the product, explore creative ways to pull information from local media sources more efficiently, and compile and package the information in an easy to digest, yet impactful, manner. The intern would offer PAS a variety of ways to improve our current product and will be in charge of producing the news summary each business day through the completion of the virtual internship. The student would send their draft to PAS, who would, in turn, disseminate the product to our audience. Successful completion of the project would culminate in a fresh, vibrant, and substantive daily news summary product that could be seamlessly handed over to the small staff of PAS Belmopan.

Required Skills or Interests
Design thinking
Economic analysis
Editing and proofreading
Political Analysis
Social media management
Additional Information