Virtual English Tutors in Afghanistan

Project Title Virtual English Tutors in Afghanistan
Project Summary Talk about the weather. Talk about true love. If you feel adventurous, explain American slang. These are your conversations, and they will open young Afghans' minds and expand their vocabularies.
Country Afghanistan
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 3
Project Description

The Virtual Student Foreign Service intern will recruit speakers and manage a virtual English conversation program for English language learners in Afghanistan. The audiences will be Level 3 English students in Afghanistan’s Lincoln Learning Centers, a network of 23 U.S. funded and managed cultural centers spread throughout Afghanistan. The speakers will be based in the United States and will present to individual English classes for one hour periods via Skype. The purpose of the program is to improve the students’ English language learning while also creating person-to-person connections between the U.S. and Afghanistan and increasing the level of Afghan understanding of U.S. society and culture.

Required Skills or Interests
Additional Information

Specific Duties:

Recruit speakers: All speakers should be native speakers of American English. While the intern will coordinate 23 presentations, an individual speaker may present more than one time.

Work with English teachers over email and Skype to develop appropriate topics for conversation. Train and advise American English speakers on good strategies to engage Afghan audiences.

Manage all logistical aspects to the program including scheduling speaking sessions and feedback.

Intern will report to a Foreign Service Officer, but most communications will be with Afghan staff at the Embassy and at Lincoln Learning Centers.