Project Code: GSA-USA-7

Citizen Science Communicator

Project Title Citizen Science Communicator
Project Summary Help accelerate innovation across the U.S. government working with the Program. We need your ideas on how to communicate about the impact of the public participating voluntarily in the scientific process to addressing real-world issues.
Country United States
Country/Region of Focus United States
Agency General Services Administration
DoS Office N/A
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

Citizen science and crowdsourcing are approaches the federal government and nongovernmental organizations use to engage the public in addressing societal needs and accelerating science, technology, and innovation. is an official government website and program designed to accelerate the use of these approaches across the U.S. government. This internship will offer the opportunity to help draw attention to and promote the use of the projects, opportunities, and resources on this site working in partnership with communities of people representing multiple agencies.
We would like you to consider promoting the use of citizen science on your campus and/or in your home community. We would work with you to see what resource needs you identify and how the materials on our site may help meet these needs. We are interested in creative approaches you might develop to promote adoption of innovation approaches to building the practice and adoption of citizen science.
We welcome your ideas on how to better communicate about the resources this site and community offer. You will be asked to analyze approaches and provide input on how to improve a catalog of federally supported citizen science projects. You will consult with us as we design a process to add new content to a toolkit to assist federal practitioners with designing and maintaining their projects. Suggestions for how we may more effectively use social media will also be welcomed.

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Design thinking
Editing and proofreading
Graphic design
Infographic design
Social media management
Survey / polling design
Additional Information

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