Project Code: STATE-NER-183

Niger's Stats, do they mean anything!

Project Title Niger's Stats, do they mean anything!
Project Summary Determine the reliability of the Government of Niger's statistics compared to statistics provided by outside organizations. Evaluate where the government does well in data collection and where it does not (due to capacity issues or predetermined outcomes).
Country Niger
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section ECON
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Conduct a broad based analysis of statistics provided by the Government of Niger (GoN) including: budgetary planning and implementation, health sector changes, population growth, agricultural production, census information, and other data points pertinent to understanding Niger’s socio, political, and economic development. Compare the data provided by the GoN to the same information provided by the international community.

There are some unexplained differences in the statistics provided with some difficulty in identifying which data is more reliable. In some instances, data provided by the international community is in line with GoN data – such as annual growth rate. In others, such as health care during the malaria season or during cholera outbreaks, a discrepancy in data has a direct impact on planning by the donor community.

Post requires a determination on when we can rely on GoN provided data. In addition, Post requires a breakdown of reliable historical data from the GoN and international community in a usable format so that we can track trends. Areas of particular focus include GoN budgetary planning and execution, population growth, terrorist attacks (are there seasonal spikes), and trade.

Post will share the work already completed. Data sources include, but are not limited to: IMF, World Bank, Department of Treasury, various UN agencies, MSF, internal sources (SIMA), and others, as they are available. The majority of the GoN’s statistics are available online through Niger’s National Institute for Statistics (INS) website:

Required Skills or Interests
Data analysis
Additional Information