Project Code: STATE-DJI-90

Motorpool of the 21st Century

Project Title Motorpool of the 21st Century
Project Summary Improve Motor Pool management upgrading to the digital world tasks that are done presently manually.
Country Djibouti
Country/Region of Focus Djibouti
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section IM
Number of Interns 7
Project Description

The project is linked directly to the way we administratively process our use of Motor Pool vehicles.
To improve the present system, I see a three-layer approach:
• First layer, a trial to convert how we process the use of the vehicles from a manual (OF 108 Form) effort to a digital one.
• Second layer, to develop a way for the data that will be generated in a digital form (from the first layer) to populate automatically into ILMS/FMIS, the application that receives the data.
• Third layer, to use a GPS to facilitate the management of the vehicle (allowing Motor Pool Management to track their vehicles) as well as to feed back that data intelligibly, so the data can complement the first layer digital process.
The potential carrier infrastructure for the data generated by this system already exists. It belongs to Diplomatic Security and supports all of the data collected by the “DriveCam” installed in all of our government vehicles.
This project can be also easily expanded to collect the vehicles’ maintenance data that is more and more available these days. The result could sensibly improve the way we manage our fleet

Required Skills or Interests
Data visualization
Design thinking
GIS expertise
Graphic design
Software development
Website design
Additional Information