Status: Approved

Project Code: OffCycle-62-

Research Assistant - China in East Asia and the Pacific

Project Title Research Assistant - China in East Asia and the Pacific
Project Summary Join the front lines of U.S. government efforts towards understanding Chinese influence and activities in East Asia Pacific and the Pacific Islands.
Country Fiji
Country/Region of Focus China
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section POL
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

Work with the State Department's Regional China Officer covering East Asia Pacific (EAP) to better understand Chinese influence and activities in EAP, including the Pacific Island Countries (PICs). Using Open Source material, compile reports of China’s economic activities, political and military engagement, influence in media, education and cultural diplomacy, development assistance, and engagement in international organizations.

Responsibilities will include:

Tracking the websites/social media pages of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese embassy pages throughout EAP for information on news about engagement/efforts in the region, and high-level travel/visits/meetings taking place and compiling weekly reports for the Regional China Officer.

Reviewing and reporting on China-related articles covering EAP -- on China's Belt and Road Initiative throughout EAP (including the Pacific Islands), university students in EAP addressing certain China-related issues (such as Hong Kong protests), high level visits by Chinese leaders to/from other countries in EAP, etc.

Develop briefers (1-2 pages) for each EAP country highlighting Chinese activities; organize by country, and thematically;

Research projects on other China in EAP issues, no more than 4 pages.

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Data analysis
Data visualization
Economic analysis
Editing and proofreading
Political Analysis
Social media management
Additional Information

This is a unique opportunity to work with State's new Regional China Officer program and look at Chinese activities from a broader, regional perspective.