Project Code: STATE-CYP-112

Join our team! We're building connections across the divide with a creative and engaging team.

Project Title Join our team! We're building connections across the divide with a creative and engaging team.
Project Summary Looking for energetic and proactive student to work with us through research, traditional and social media to develop new and innovative projects to communicate U.S. culture, education, and policy to Cypriots.
Country Cyprus
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

The small Public Affairs team in Nicosia is a busy section working to engage local audiences, especially Cypriot youth, through social media and various programs. Our staff works to develop fun and innovative projects and create opportunities to initiate constructive discussion on U.S. culture, values, policies, and education.

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual who is familiar with social media trends and developments to engage Cypriot audiences on our channels. We believe that American students would be uniquely positioned to assist our small staff in producing quality content. We encourage our interns to propose ideas and create content. Candidates with skills in copywriting, graphic design, photo editing, or video editing are more competitive, but many have grown through the internship. You may also be asked to research and draft presentations used by foreign service officers for our Embassy Speakers program, and to support alumni engagement through content development or direct outreach.

We are committed to providing interns with opportunities that meet their interests and provides substantive experience to further their goals and education.

Required Skills or Interests
Editing and proofreading
Graphic design
Social media management
Additional Information

The U.S. Embassy in Cyprus uses social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to advance our Mission goals. Despite the small Public Affairs team, we work to prepare interesting daily content for our audiences. If you are selected, you will work with us on developing public facing content in the interesting political environment that exists in Cyprus. We design both short- and long-term campaigns to reach the public. You will work closely with our Public Diplomacy team to design these campaigns and explore new outreach tools.

We communicate with interns through a regularly scheduled teleconference calls, emails, and online document collaboration through cloud-based applications. Occasionally, Virtual Interns may participate in public diplomacy team meetings through teleconferencing to gain a more holistic understanding of how specific projects contribute to the larger goals of the Public Affairs Section.

Successful candidates would need to familiarize themselves with Cyprus and our Embassy’s social media channels. Desired skills include copywriting, photo and video editing, basic design, basic analysis of metrics, creative thinking, and excellent judgment. Awareness of current State Department priorities and campaigns is preferred but not required. As needed, interns will work on special projects relating to American history, music, education, and art. Video editing projects feature Ambassador Garber or other diplomats to help the Embassy connect with local audiences. At times, Nicosia’s Virtual Interns may also be asked to help with audio and video transcription, assist with budgeting, and draft proposals. Due to the virtual nature of the position, ability to work independently, responsiveness to emails, and adherence to deadlines is essential. Knowledge of either Greek or Turkish would be welcome and helpful, but not required.

The Embassy also prioritizes the promotion of U.S. Education among secondary and tertiary students in Cyprus. Interns may be asked to create content by combining EducationUSA and other U.S. Government materials with content based on their own experiences or by coordinating with Cypriot students currently studying in the U.S.

Every year, the Embassy organizes a series of speaker programs with presentations and discussions by Embassy officers at local schools and institutions. Virtual Interns may work with speakers to prepare presentations and research materials in the form of historical background, videos, and photos for these presentations.

Through this internship, the selected candidate will gain experience in the State Department’s Public Diplomacy work with foreign audiences and will leave with a better understanding the U.S. Foreign Service, it’s organizational culture, and department priorities.