Project Code: STATE-DEU-39

The GAP - Global Application Portal Development

Project Title The GAP - Global Application Portal Development
Project Summary Help the Application Development Group (ADG) build the GAP where users can see the product catalog, apply to use applications, and submit new ideas.
Country Germany
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section Other
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

The Application Development Group (ADG) has a suite of products developed in the .NET Framework made available to Posts worldwide. With the goal of modernizing the ADG's products, the ADG Core is being developed to manage shared components and services through distributed packages and centralized micro services. These efforts should reduce the startup costs to building additional applications while also raising the standards of existing applications. The application is being built in .NET Core with a React front-end and the application is hosted within Microsoft Azure using Azure App Services, Storage Accounts, SQL Databases, and Functions. The Virtual interns will help the ADG develop this portal via specified tasks.

Required Skills or Interests
Additional Information

Experience with .NET with C#
Experience with JavaScript
Remote work with developers worldwide.