Project Code: NOAA-USA-7

Undiscovered Stories: Create NOAA Fisheries GIS Storymaps

Project Title Undiscovered Stories: Create NOAA Fisheries GIS Storymaps
Project Summary Create Storymaps for the Greater Atlantic Fisheries Region. Gather archival material, quotes, layer GIS maps, run a usability survey, and help the public visualize the data-backed story of ocean users, such as right whales, recreational fishermen, invasive species, and more.
Country United States
Agency National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
DoS Office N/A
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

The student(s) will create ESRI GIS storymaps ( for our region. Each student will create one or more ESRI GIS storymaps. The map can include locations, events, figures, quotes, trends and integrate history, archival photos, and maps with layers on them. The students will run an online usability survey before the products are published to gain experience in research methods and user experience design. The students will work with the Northeast GIS Coordinator to brainstorm and create GIS-based communication tools for the public, and consult with the relevant offices such as Sustainable Fisheries and Protected Resources to gain materials and knowledge.
The deliverables will be a great product to share on a visual resume, and the stories will impact ocean users across the Greater Atlantic Region. The students will also present the storymaps at virtual workshops and potentially at a conference. Aspects of the projects may be developed into research projects if the student wants.

Some Storymap options:
- Marine spatial mapping and use of NE ocean space
- History of New England fishing culture with auditory quotes
- Journey of a Right Whale
- Spread of invasive species in coastal and marine waters of New England
- History of seals in New England
- Focus on your topic/area of interest

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Data visualization
GIS expertise
Graphic design
Additional Information

- Be able to commit to 5-10 hours per week
- Basic computer agility and high interest in learning and expanding GIS expertise is required, but GIS expertise is not required.