Project Code: DOD-USA-3

Fall 2020 – Center of Adaptive Warfighting EAST

Project Title Fall 2020 – Center of Adaptive Warfighting EAST
Project Summary Help us make the Navy and Marine Corps team agile! Improve and expand our course offerings in industry best practices in order to drive change at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.
Country United States
Agency Department of Defense
DoS Office N/A
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Number of Interns 6
Project Description

The Center of Adaptive Warfighting operating with NavalX provides warfighter-ready courses in industry best practices, supporting grassroots adoption, in order to drive change at all levels. These offerings currently include Military Scrum Master, Warfighter Centered Design and Mission Accelerator. In addition to becoming certified facilitators in these offerings interns will work hand in hand with some of the most innovative organizations in the Navy and Marine Corps while being exposed to the entire Department of Defense ecosystem. Course descriptions for current offerings are below.
 Warfighter-Centered Design (WCD): Clearly define complex problems in order to creatively develop testable solutions. Bring all voices into the conversation, including those who know the most and those who know things you don’t, and ensure they’re heard. Pioneered in industry, used around the world, and adapted here to the needs of the warfighter.
 Military Scrum Master (MSM): Take control of complex work in a changing environment, doing more of what matters and less of what doesn’t. Find your customers and optimize to serve them. Adapted from a civilian framework in use at Fortune 500 companies.
 Mission Accelerator Course (MAC): De-risk experimentation through rapid, readily available testing of all your ideas, based on structured feedback from the units and leaders you serve.

Required Skills or Interests
Design thinking
Additional Information

NOTE 1- This position can be filled either in person or via remote telework. Internship is meant for 10 weeks but can be flexible in duration.
NOTE 2- Additional information can be provided by the intern coordinator at or via
NOTE 3- NavalX webpage: