Let’s Go From Government-ese to Easy to Read!

Project Title Let’s Go From Government-ese to Easy to Read!
Project Summary Calling all writers! The Bureau of Indian Affairs is improving their content! Help us dust off the cobwebs and transform our content into something a visitor can find immediately useful using the powers of plain language and improved readability.
Country United States
Agency Bureau of Indian Affairs
DoS Office N/A
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 5
Project Description

How often have you visited a (government) website with what you thought was a simple question, only to find yourself assaulted by acronyms and code words forcing you to re-read until you feel that “maybe” you understand what you need to do next?

We know we’re not the only ones. Help us make our content easy to read!

The Indian Affairs Web Team is looking for writing and editing support to improve readability, searchability, communication, and service delivery across our content areas. The goal is for our users to access information and understand what they’re reading the first time they read it. You will work with our Web Team to edit existing content ensuring it is written in “plain language,” from a unified voice, and from a user-perspective.

If you enjoy writing, wield a mean red pen, and are interested in promoting easy to understand and transparent services across government, come on down! (Virtually.) Bonus if process improvement stokes your creative juices.

Indian Affairs (IA) currently provides services (directly or through contracts, grants, or compacts) to approximately 1.9 million American Indians and Alaska Natives. Clear communication has always been important. Clear communication means users understand our content faster. Users call less often for explanations. They make fewer errors filling out forms. They provide quick and accurate response to requirements. Most importantly, it enables us to provide better service to our users.

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Design thinking
Editing and proofreading
Additional Information

To learn more about the Bureau of Indian Affairs, please visit our website at https://indianaffairs.gov/.