Project Code: STATE-USA-EUR-22

Quantify and Define Belgian Foreign Assistance Spending

Project Title Quantify and Define Belgian Foreign Assistance Spending
Project Summary Belgium is a valuable ally – Help us understand Belgium's foreign assistance spending so we can avoid duplication, reinforce shared goals, and share the burden of development and security issues.
Country Belgium
Agency Department of State
DoS Office EUR/WE
Post N/A
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Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Belgium is very active -- both as a sovereign and as an EU member state -- in humanitarian and development assistance efforts that shape the outcomes in countries in Africa, Eastern Europe , and Asia and through our international alliances. We need a determined researcher who can search online AND talk to experts to dig up the numbers and create a clear picture of where Belgium has been spending its foreign assistance money over the last few years and how this is changing. Your sources are likely to be open-source Belgian government platforms and media reports, and we will connect you with contacts in both to solicit hard numbers. Your research will lead to a report documenting where Belgium's foreign assistance is going, and maybe some fancy charts and graphs to show how that money is allocated between different security, humanitarian, and development goals, specific recipient countries, or changing over time. French and Dutch language skills might be useful but they are not required: much of what the Belgian government publishes is available in English. You must be skilled with spreadsheets (Excel) and or database programs to collect and analyze data.

Required Skills or Interests
Data analysis
Data visualization
Political Analysis
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