Project Code: STATE-USA-NEA-13

Economic Analysis of Egypt's Economy

Project Title Economic Analysis of Egypt's Economy
Project Summary Expanding an economic dashboard on PowerBi using data from Haver Analytics and open source data sets. The economic dashboard auto-updates with new data. We're looking a data-analysis minded intern who wants to dive into Egypt's economy to expand the dashboard to cover trade, gas, energy, and more!
Country United States
Agency Department of State
DoS Office NEA
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

This is the second year of an intern working on this project. Our prior intern built the dashboard, which now auto updates from Haver Analytics data as well as other open source data. This year's intern will also work with Haver to find new ways to create data visualizations of other economic topics, also from Haver data and similar open source data sets with a strong preference for data sets that auto-update. You will work with the Economic team at the US Embassy in Cairo to find out what easy-to-read and up-to-date economic visualizations would be most helpful for supporting the Embassy's goals. Another embassy in Africa has successfully put this project into effect and will be a model for us to follow.

Required Skills or Interests
Data analysis
Data visualization
Additional Information