Project Code: STATE-CZE-18

Graphic Design & Visualization

Project Title Graphic Design & Visualization
Project Summary Create eye-catching graphic design for print and online advertising for a variety of cultural and educational programs offered through our American Cultural Center in Prague, as well as for our branch centers in Brno, Pilsen and Ostrava. Also, use publicly available data to create visualizations.
Country Czech Republic
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

We're looking for a partner with a great eye and sense of design, and experience working with graphic design software such as Adobe or Canva, who would be able to help us create a unique look and feel for our American Center's event advertising, which would stand out to Czech youth (14-30) audiences and drive increased attendance to our programs. Events may include film screenings or festivals, art openings, English conversation clubs, coffee hours, lectures, etc. At times, we also need assistance on data visualization projects, turning publicly-accessible data such as voter participation rates into heatmaps that better help us tailor our regional outreach.

Required Skills or Interests
Data visualization
Graphic design
Additional Information

For an example of one intern's previous work on data visualization, please check