Make a Difference - Teach Existing Environmental Education (ECOLEARN

Project Title Make a Difference - Teach Existing Environmental Education (ECOLEARN
Project Summary Teach exciting prepared environmental education lesson plans at local elementary schools, after school programs, scout and other youth programs
Country United States
Agency Environmental Protection Agency
DoS Office N/A
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 6
Project Description

Environmental protection and sustainability are critical issues for our youth to both understand and to act upon. Schools around the country are struggling to integrate the concepts into their curricula. Often, parent volunteers are called upon to help and spend hours developing and providing a volunteer lesson in their child’s classroom.
EPA is looking for 6 interns for this project who can teach in the following areas – within King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Kitsap counties of Washington State. It is helpful if the intern already has an established relationship with a school, after school program, or other youth programs, like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts. We would like school or youth group relationships to be set up before starting the internship.

Required Skills or Interests
Educational design
Additional Information

Regional or other specific knowledge required: education, curriculum development and environmental issues.
You must be able to pass a background test to be in schools.

Over the past six years, we have had interns assigned to this project who have developed a set of 13 60-minute lesson plans per grade level, preschool through fifth grade, to be used by parents, students, teachers or other interested people. The interns developed and have been testing the lesson plans in local elementary schools or other youth settings. Topics included: Animals, Air, Water, Climate Change, Ecosystems, Energy, Waste, Food, Marine Debris, Oceans, Green Buildings, National Parks, and Endangered Species.
Students have consolidated information already available and filled in the lesson plan gaps (e.g., specify required readings, essays, activities, etc.) where needed. The students compiled the resources into a simple, easy to use format organized by grade that is broadly accessible to the users. Also, the interns have created power points with audio to go with each of the lessons.

We now want to continue the testing the lesson plans more broadly, expanding our outreach, make necessary revisions to the materials, and create new lessons, as appropriate.

EPA will be providing training to the selected interns on:
1) How to teach in the classroom or through digital platforms
2) Standards
3) Make initial contacts with schools

The internship for this year will:
4) Test in one or more schools (an entire school year) or work other outside school youth groups in person or through digital platforms
5) Revise the lesson plans accordingly
6) Develop clear time frames and materials needed
7) Track schedules of teaching
8) Need to have a 10 hour a week commitment