Project Code: STATE-NER-23

Mapping USG Humanitarian Assistance and Development Programs in Niger

Project Title Mapping USG Humanitarian Assistance and Development Programs in Niger
Project Summary Inventory and map the >$400million in USG humanitarian assistance and development programs being implemented in Niger providing critical information in an interactive and usable format for use by the Ambassador and other Embassy/USG decision makers.
Country Niger
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section POL
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Niger is the poorest and least developed country on earth, yet in the volatile Sahel it is the most politically stable country and is the most capable of protecting itself. The USG has been rapidly increasing its security, development and humanitarian relief programs to assist Niger better protect itself from violent extremist organizations as well as build the foundation for more equitable, appropriate, and wide-spread economic and social development. USAID will open a Mission in 2020 to oversee its >$300million in development and relief programs while the Millennium Challenge Corporation is seeking to expand its $435million program. Multiple additional smaller Department of State and Department of Defense programs supporting anti-Trafficking in Persons, refugee assistance, Rule of Law, democratization, human rights and other activities complement the Embassy's assistance portfolio. The rapid growth of our development and assistance programs has, however, limited our ability to accurately catalogue, map, and detail the various development and relief projects making it increasingly difficult to ensure programs are linked geographically and thematically, and that programs are building on each other's lesson learned. The mapping and inventory exercise will permit the Ambassador and other decision-makers to better manage existing programs as well as make decisions on proposed programs. The development database will also include critical information ensuring that implementers are meeting key USG regulations (Terrorist Financing Determinations, Leahy Vetting, etc).

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Data analysis
Data visualization
Design thinking
Graphic design
Political Analysis
Additional Information

The end product is envisioned to be a catalogue and map of all current USG-funded programs in Niger. It would be useful for the map to be interactive and allow for quickly accessing relevant funder and implementer information by funding type, type of effort, location of project impact, and other criteria to be agreed upon. The catalogue and map will be used by the Ambassador and other decision makers to identify programming gaps, make decisions if new programs are warranted, ensure that USG regulations are being respected , and that taxpayer resources are being used effectively.