Project Code: USAID-LBR-1

Make a Lasting Impression and Lead the Graphic Design Efforts for USAID/Liberia

Project Title Make a Lasting Impression and Lead the Graphic Design Efforts for USAID/Liberia
Project Summary Be the graphic designer lead for the team that prepare reports, presentations, infographics, and other electronic and printed materials. USAID/Liberia's communication and outreach materials need updates, so that they can be more visually compelling, easy to digest, professional, and modern.
Country Liberia
Agency Agency for International Development
DoS Office N/A
Section USAID
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

USAID/Liberia is at its early stage of implementing its 5-year Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) that would support Liberians' efforts to continue to consolidate its democratic gains and rebuild its war-torn and Ebola-effected economy. Since the end of the Liberian Civil War in 2003, the country has held three national elections generally perceived as free and fair. It has also taken on the difficult task of rebuilding its economy, and strengthening its educational and health care delivery systems. The 2014-2015 Ebola Virus Disease outbreak drained the Government of vitally needed resources, slowed economic growth, and delayed key development projects. The response measures to COVID-19 has severely affected the economy and the daily lives, especially those in lower socio-economic status. The worldwide response led by the United States helped bring the worst of the outbreaks under control. Our work helps build confidence in public governance, brings reforms to key institutions and fosters measurable improvements in the lives of average Liberians.

You will help shape the visuals for a wide range of materials - both electronic and printed - such as matrices, maps, reports, infographics, briefing memos, posters, presentations, and other materials to effectively: 1) help the Mission leadership make project and strategic program decisions; 2) reach the Liberian and American public; 3) convey the information to selected audience during speeches, meetings, and presentations. The intern must be able to comfortably use GIS databases to create new map layers and generate useful maps that can be manipulated and incorporated into the materials.

USAID/Liberia has a wide range of programs across multiple sectors and strive to achieve results under several important USG and Agency initiatives including the President’s Malaria Initiative, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, and the Young African Leaders Initiative. Programming also contributes to the Administration’s Africa Strategy, which promotes prosperity in Africa and advancing American influence and prosperity abroad. In 2019, the Mission prioritized interventions in maternal and child health, reproductive health, water and sanitation, agriculture, construction, sustainable natural resource management, biodiversity protection, education, youth development, governance, and independent media.

To see the breadth of complex and exciting USAID/Liberia portfolio, please take a look at our CDCS:

Required Skills or Interests
Data visualization
GIS expertise
Graphic design
Infographic design
Social media management
Additional Information

Many of our past interns have been able to align their thesis or other school work with USAID assignments. The Mission team welcomes and will facilitate any student interns who are interested in conducting in-country assignment through their school's research grants, and visit/work at the Mission when appropriate. USAID/Liberia Mission also offers mentoring and networking opportunities.