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Marketing for a new pollinator and native plant conservation program partnership

Project Title Marketing for a new pollinator and native plant conservation program partnership
Project Summary Collaborate with conservation and green industry partners to organize and develop a communications and media plan and marketing materials for the new Georgia Pollinator Plants of the Year program, which aims to celebrate and increase availability of top performing landscape plants with high ecologic
Country United States
Agency Forest Service
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Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Contribute to an exciting new initiative which annually recognizes and promotes four top performing landscape plants that support biodiversity in our parks, gardens, and commercial landscape plantings. As rapid and widespread urbanization and habitat fragmentation continue to threaten diverse populations of critically important insect pollinators in Georgia it has become increasingly important to look to our landscape plantings as a means to conserve them. This requires building new connections between conservation professionals, the green industry, and consumers in order to increase availability and awareness of ecologically-relevant landscape plants. The Georgia Pollinator Plants of the Year program aims to do just that.

Program Goals
1. Create a network of horticultural professionals through which plant materials and propagation techniques can be shared.
2. Increase statewide availability and diversity of pollinator-supporting plants for consumers.
3. Educate consumers about the increasingly important impact that landscaping and home gardens can have on pollinator populations.

Interns will have the opportunity to work directly with Science and Conservation staff at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia (affiliated with the University of Georgia) to create marketing materials and organize a media and communications plan as we prepare for the inaugural launch of this program in 2021. During this dynamic phase of program development, we are seeking a candidate to assist in the creation of a variety of printed and web-based resources and outreach materials to promote this program to growers, retailers, and consumers including plant tags, posters, infographics, and a brochure. The chosen candidate will also contribute to the media and communications plan by generating social media campaigns, press releases, videos, and webinars.

The State Botanical Garden is committed to mentorship of the next generation of young professionals. This internship will provide a combination of leadership skills and real-world experience to help address one of the most important conservation issues we face today – declining biodiversity. Day to day supervision will be provided by the Science and Conservation staff at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. We are excited to have a creative intern with a background in marketing and communications join the team!
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Required Skills or Interests
Editing and proofreading
Graphic design
Infographic design
Social media management
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