Project Code: STATE-NLD-7

Find the Faces of Margraten and Remember World War II's Heroes

Project Title Find the Faces of Margraten and Remember World War II's Heroes
Project Summary Step back in time and make a visible contribution to celebrating the men and women who served during World War II. Work with Faces of Margraten project to research and tell the story of the men and women buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery.
Country Netherlands
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section POL
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

The Netherlands was liberated by Allied forces May 5, 1945 after five years of Nazi occupation. Those who sacrificed their lives for liberation are buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery in the Dutch town of Margraten. The cemetery is home to the remains of 8,289 American soldiers, with another 1,722 names listed on the Wall of the Missing. To thank the liberators, the Fields of Honor Foundation started The Faces of Margraten – a project that matches names on tombstones with photographs and stories to help remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. As of May 2020, The Faces of Margraten has found the photos of over 7,500 liberators.

Help Faces of Margraten go beyond the names and dates on tombstones and tell their stories. This is an amazing opportunity to make a tangible contribution to ensuring that America’s servicemembers are not forgotten. The intern will use resources such as databases, census records, military records, and material from historical societies to establish an individual’s background.

Once the basic information is collected, it will be verified by researchers and put into the foundation’s Fields of Honor Database, available to the public to explore the stories of each liberator. The database also includes personal memorial pages for U.S. soldiers buried in five other U.S. cemeteries in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. A strong background in research, a passion for history, and creative thinking are highly desirable. Photos of soldiers that you will find will be put on display at the Netherlands American Cemetery in 2021.

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