Project Code: STATE-USA-AF-1

China's Campaigns for Political Influence in Africa

Project Title China's Campaigns for Political Influence in Africa
Project Summary Analyze and report on China’s political influence in Africa to include political party training, media penetration, and the shaping of governance norms.
Country Kenya
Agency Department of State
DoS Office AF
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Number of Interns 1
Project Description

This project focuses on China's growing political influence in Africa and will examine several approaches that contribute to Beijing’s strategic aims in Africa:

In recent years, China has grown increasingly confident in its ability to export these concepts to African countries. To do so, it employs five major lines of effort:

1) Exporting methods of authoritarian political control through party-to-party training;
2) actively intervening in African domestic politics to ensure preferred partners on the continent adhere to China’s priorities;
3) promoting its model of techno-authoritarianism through the sale of advanced surveillance technology to African governments;
4) shaping Africa’s media landscape by promoting narratives favorable to Beijing in local and regional media, sponsoring training for African journalists, and leading the continent’s media migration from analog to digital technology; and
5) leveraging its influence to achieve other key objectives, such as garnering African support for Beijing’s broader diplomatic priorities, especially at the UN.

This project will analyze and report on Beijing’s political activities on the African continent and assess the implications of these activities for the United States.

Required Skills or Interests
Political Analysis
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