Project Code: STATE-USA-R-1

CPD Technology Identification & Research

Project Title CPD Technology Identification & Research
Project Summary Assist the Technology Engagement Team in identifying tools and technologies that can support the interagency in countering foreign propaganda and disinformation!
Country United States
Agency Department of State
DoS Office R/GECU
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

The Global Engagement Center (GEC) directs, leads, synchronizes, coordinates, and integrates efforts of the federal government to recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and foreign non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining or influencing the policies, security, or stability of the United State, and United States allies, and partner nations. The GEC is also mandated to facilitate the use of a wide range of technologies and techniques by sharing expertise among Federal departments and agencies, seeking expertise from external sources, and implementing best practices. The Technology Engagement Team (TET) acts in support of this mission.

The TET defends again foreign disinformation and propaganda by transitioning technologies from concept to application at scale and in support of smart policies and operations. TET leads U.S. Government innovation efforts by convening technology experts and programmatic authorities from the public and private sectors, and pushes innovation against this key problem. TET has developed the U.S. Government’s sole dedicated effort to identify, assess, test, and integrate CPD technologies.

The TET seeks an intern to assist in identifying emerging technologies that can support the interagency and our foreign government partners in countering foreign propaganda and disinformation! TET looks at a wide range of tools and technologies that includes - but is not limited to - social listening, internet freedom, deep web monitoring, and ad tech tools. The team also identifies top advances or developments in technology that can assist adversaries in developing or pushing propaganda and disinformation. Many various capabilities are being developed around the world by private industry and you will have the opportunity to view some of the tools and technologies we have already assessed! Some of your work with us will include conducting research and providing reports on regional information environments - both social and traditional media outlets. This work is ideal for someone who enjoys keeping an eye on evolving technologies, is skilled at conducting research, and enjoys creative consideration on how a tool could be applied within the U.S. government!

Join our team and work with us to identify means and ways to counter adversarial propaganda and disinformation!

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