Project Code: STATE-USA-14

Tracking Chinese Influence Across Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada

Project Title Tracking Chinese Influence Across Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada
Project Summary Contribute to USG China policy, a top administration priority. Analyze social media, news, economic data, commercial agreements, and cultural activities to produce assessments, tools, and recommendations for diplomats in the field and policy makers in D.C.
Country United States
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section ECON
Number of Interns 6
Project Description

Seeking interns with diverse educational and language backgrounds for a project looking at regional, sub-regional, and national-level trends in Chinese activities in countries across the Western Hemisphere.

Depending on each intern’s interest, background, and language skills, projects assigned could include:

1) Analyzing social media environments and developing effective positive messaging and counter-messaging campaigns;
2) Tracking and mapping Chinese infrastructure investments across the region and through time;
3) Finding, assessing, and providing content for a China-focused regional newsletter;
4) Producing a comparative study on the impact of Chinese and U.S. free trade agreements on WHA economies;
5) Analyzing trends in COVID-19 medical and other donations.
6) Develop a database of academic and think tank scholars and articles relevant to the region.
7) Design China in X country infographics and handouts for use with visitors and Congressional delegations.
8) Other emerging priorities throughout the semester or year.

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Data analysis
Economic analysis
Infographic design
Political Analysis
Social media management
Additional Information

Whether you have five hours a week or forty, I'm looking for self-starters with a strong interest in China and/or western hemisphere affairs. The projects listed above are ideas I have but I am also open to working with you to shape a project that will be relevant to your academic work as well as to the State department. Language skills are a bonus but not strictly required as interns may collaborate on projects based on skills and project needs.