Content Hacker and Creative Writer

Project Title Content Hacker and Creative Writer
Project Summary Build and synthesize documents and visual graphics including a New Employee Handbook. Interview NASA employee focus groups, research existing documentation and provide written insight for easy digest. Present new products to senior leadership. Draft Agency wide workforce communications.
Country United States
Agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration
DoS Office N/A
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 4
Project Description

NASA is the #1 place to work in the Federal Government for 4 straight years. Our agency has continued to be the front runner in employee engagement, innovation, and collaboration. We continue to build a great working environment because of our dedication to understanding, listening, and developing our workforce. This internship will continue this important for our workforce. One of many projects will be to summarize/combine studies, strategies, or guides to support our employees in a way that will provide a “NASA Way Of Being”. This new product will serve as an employee handbook that will provide new NASA hires a foundation of what they can expect from the NASA culture and what NASA expects from them in their daily intentions and approach to doing their work.

Required Skills or Interests
Additional Information

Must have an interest in benefiting humankind! The ability to effectively collaborate with various teams, providing the most useful guidance in an enthusiastic and inspiring manner. A sparkling personality that will mesh well with the existing NASA family and a smile on their face a majority of the time. Experience working with designers, developers, and team focused creative process.

Content Hacker and Creative Writer will read/become familiar with 3-4 agency supporting documents (iGuide, NASA Culture Strategy, Valve Employee Handbook etc.) and interview selected focus groups in order to determine content that is most important to be included in the New Employee Handbook (no more that 15 pages front and back). They are responsible for creating the content and the visual graphics to support it (NASA has a graphic department that can support this effort if graphic support is needed). They will work independently and manage their own time/work flow with weekly tag-ups with a POC from NASA Office of Human Capital Management (OHCM). A finalized document is due before the end of their time as an intern and a presentation of the product is given to OHCM leadership.