Project Code: STATE-USA-ECA-69

Content Creator and Resource Curator for American Cultural Centers Worldwide

Project Title Content Creator and Resource Curator for American Cultural Centers Worldwide
Project Summary Create and design lesson plans and discussion guides for American Spaces around the world.
Country United States
Agency Department of State
DoS Office ECA/A/M
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

Are you interested in public diplomacy and sharing America’s story with foreign audiences? Would you enjoy creating and designing lesson plans, discussion guides, and resource toolkits that would be used around the world? Would you like to connect with these spaces virtually under the mentorship of an experienced Foreign Service Officer?

The Office of American Spaces is looking for virtual interns to create and design resource toolkits, movie and podcast discussion guides, and lesson plans for the 600+ American Spaces. This would include creating engaging designs, researching specific topics, curating appropriate content, and watching/listening to movies, webinars, and podcasts to create discussion guides and lesson plans to foster meaningful conversations at American Spaces. The intern would have the option to help run these activities virtually and would be mentored by a Foreign Service Officer with a background in creating online educational courses. American Spaces resources are published here:

The Office of American Spaces ( oversees a network of more than 600 open-access cultural centers supported by the U.S. government. These American Spaces, located in more than 140 countries, serve to connect the world with the United States. Modeled after modern American libraries, American Spaces receive millions of visitors each year. These technologically-equipped Spaces share American culture and values with foreign audiences providing free access to American books, movies, and programs that demonstrate American values. Started after World War I to connect with foreign audiences, American Spaces impart a welcoming and inspiring American environment. They promote the English language, educational opportunities in the United States, cultural programming, information about the United States, and engagement with alumni of U.S. government exchange programs. Since 2014, the Spaces have increased in popularity, doubling the number of visitors.

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Cultural diplomacy
Design thinking
Educational design
Graphic design
Additional Information