Project Code: USDA-USA-5

Connect to the History of Our Public Lands - Support the NFGT Heritage Program

Project Title Connect to the History of Our Public Lands - Support the NFGT Heritage Program
Project Summary Intern(s) would work with Heritage Program Manager for the National Forests and Grasslands in Texas, performing a majority of data entry and documentation work. Includes engagement and learning with District Heritage Staff to gather information in support of overall Forest Heritage Program
Country United States
Agency Department of Agriculture
DoS Office N/A
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Conducts inventories of Forest cultural resources in areas of proposed Forest Service projects pnline and using Agency databases. Researches reference materials such as State and National register files, historic documents, archeological reports, maps and aerial photos, and interviews source individuals concerning project areas. Input data for updating Heritage site database. Performs a variety of computations and assessments of standard archeological data, such as entering archeological artifact and projects data in appropriate forms and databases. Produces site and survey maps.
Transfers GPS data to a GIS program loaded in a computer to create a map. Will learn to use applications and databases integral I the management of forest resources.

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Cultural diplomacy
Data analysis
Data visualization
Design thinking
Editing and proofreading
GIS expertise
Social media management
Additional Information

Volunteers will be signed up under Individual Volunteer Agreements (OF-301a). All Volunteers are asked to record their hours worked on this project and will be reported in the Volunteer & Service Programs Accomplishments Database (VSReports), the official reporting database.