Project Code: STATE-USA-DRL-16

Analysis of Government sponsored Non-Governmental Organizations (GONGOs) in the UN

Project Title Analysis of Government sponsored Non-Governmental Organizations (GONGOs) in the UN
Project Summary Identify Government sponsored Non-Governmental Organizations (GONGOs) accredited to participate in United Nations (UN) Events. Conduct case studies to gather data that will help develop a methodology to evaluate these organizations and differentiate them from independent, pro-democratic entities.
Country United States
Agency Department of State
Post N/A
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Number of Interns 1
Project Description

GONGOs are organizations created and controlled by a government to represent its interests. While some GONGOs may evolve to operate independently, many work as agents of governments to undermine democratic values at multilateral fora such as the UN. This project investigates the functions, activities, and behaviors of GONGOs accredited to participate in UN events and meetings.

For this project, the intern will:

--Create a representative set of UN accredited GONGOs from a variety of countries, including those from authoritarian regimes, partial democracies, and open democracies.

--Identify examples of GONGOs with a mission and/or activities focused on promoting an anti-democratic agenda, domestically and at the UN.

--Identify examples of GONGOs advocating against the fundamental freedoms or human rights of a segment of society or a minority group, domestically and at the UN.

--Identify examples of GONGOs engaged in behavior that obstructs the participation of other NGOs and other civil society actors at the UN.

--Identify instances, if any, when a GONGO has advocated for or applied pressure on its country’s political leadership to advance democratic and other human rights norms.

Required Skills or Interests
Editing and proofreading
Political Analysis
Additional Information

Around the world, civil society works to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms, advocate for government transparency and accountability, promote rule of law, and expose corruption. An empowered and fully-functioning civil society is critical to healthy democracies, prosperous economies, and stable societies. The United States defends and promotes civil society’s participation in multilateral bodies such as the UN to raise concerns about specific thematic or country-specific challenges.

You will be working on a U.S. foreign policy priority with foreign affairs officer mentor with significant experience in issues of civic space and the UN. Your work will feed directly into the development of U.S. policies to help make the UN more accessible to civil society organizations.