Project Code: USAID-USA-18

Middle East Environmental Data and Knowledge Management

Project Title Middle East Environmental Data and Knowledge Management
Project Summary Enhanced decision making capabilities through improved knowledge management and environmental data collection, manipulation and visualization
Country United States
Agency Agency for International Development
DoS Office N/A
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

This project will support the Water and Environmental team in USAID's Middle East Bureau to enhance our knowledge base, identify emerging trends, and explore options to improve environmental management aspects of foreign aid assistance. Potential areas of research include: sustainability, industrial ecology, medical waste management, water, wastewater, climate risk management, and environmental compliance. Areas of research will fill existing information gaps and enhance information management and spatial data resources for improved decision making. You will:
conduct research to identify emerging environmental trends and best practices
collect, clean and visualize a variety of environmental data to contribute to a data library to improve programming
additional tasks may include improving data collection methods, researching alternative data resources, creating data visuals, and producing information briefs.

Required Skills or Interests
Analytical writing
Data analysis
Data visualization
GIS expertise
Additional Information

The ideal candidate will have a passion to explore the cross-cutting nature of environmental issues. There will be opportunities to utilize GIS, and programming languages including Python and JavaScript, so these are good skills to have but not required.