Project Code: STATE-SAU-3

Helping Yemeni Students Learn English

Project Title Helping Yemeni Students Learn English
Project Summary Lead weekly discussion sessions with Yemeni high school students so they can practice English and learn about U.S. culture.
Country Saudia Arabia
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 2
Project Description

This project involves creating discussion lessons for English language institute students in Aden, Yemen, for weekly one-hour conversations with them on topics such as music, pop culture, TV shows, movies, U.S. holidays, historical figures, and more. Sometimes their teachers will assign special themes, also. You would help high-school students practice English to help improve their job prospects in a conflict zone and troubled region of the world. You would also share information on U.S. values and culture, to improve mutual understanding. You may also be called upon to contribute original content to our social media platforms on U.S. cultural topics. Applicants should be aware of the time difference (currently EST+7) between the United States and Yemen, and be prepared to conduct early-morning sessions, at 5/6am.

Required Skills or Interests
Cultural diplomacy
GIS expertise
Additional Information

We're looking for people who want to make a difference in the lives of youth living in a conflict zone, with the added weight of the world's world humanitarian disaster on their minds. Positive, thoughtful, creative, and enthusiastic contributions much appreciated!