Project Code: STATE-USA-EB-42

Build Machine Learning for Foreign Economic Policy

Project Title Build Machine Learning for Foreign Economic Policy
Project Summary Model economic crises and macroeconomic resilience through the use of machine learning algorithms.
Country United States
Agency Department of State
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

The goals of this project are to streamline and enhance data analysis in the Office of Monetary Affairs. Virtual interns will work with analysts to build databases and R/Python code repositories.

Responsibilities may include:

Collecting data and constructing databases to clean and maintain information aggregated from multiple sources;

Reviewing, streamlining, commenting, and systematically archiving R/Python scripts;

Utilizing unsupervised machine learning algorithms like k-means, neural networks, and principal component analysis to identify underlying data features and patterns;

Training supervised machine learning algorithms like random forests, support vector machines, and regression models to categorize data and simulate economic shock scenarios;

Creating plots, charts, and other illustrative data visualizations;

Drafting transparent, comprehensive reports detailing research findings and their contextual relevance to senior leadership.

Required Skills or Interests
Data visualization
Additional Information

About our office:  We are the economic think tank hub for the Department of State on global macroeconomic issues. Through research, data visualization, and policy analysis, we promote global growth, macroeconomic stability, and fiscal transparency. With the U.S. Treasury and the International Monetary Fund, we coordinate policy on resolving debt issues, currency, and sovereign debt crises. Our office helps U.S. policymakers understand how markets, debt, budgets, currency, cryptocurrency, and other monetary issues impact U.S. foreign policy. For more information, see our website: