Monitoring the Russian Narrative in Armenia On-line

Project Title Monitoring the Russian Narrative in Armenia On-line
Project Summary Monitor Russian-language social media and online news sources, both in Russia and in Armenia, for commentary/trolling about Armenia’s relationship with the West and with the U.S. specifically
Country Armenia
Agency Department of State
DoS Office N/A
Section PAS
Number of Interns 1
Project Description

Armenia is geographically and socially in the middle, constantly pulled between the West and Russia. Historically, there is a strong Russian-influence in Armenia, both culturally and linguistically. Much of the media consumed in Armenia comes directly from Russia. Many in Armenia, especially people over 20, speak Russian as a second language (a few speak it as a first language). Thus, both Armenia's traditional and social media are shaped, at least somewhat, by discussions in Russian. We would like an intern to help capture online Russian-language conversations and commentary so we can gain a solid understanding of what is being said in Russian about Armenia and its relationship with the West. The intern would not just develop an analysis of the current conversation, but help identify key Russian-language social media commentators and sites discussing Armenian issues for future monitoring.

Required Skills or Interests
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