Project Code: VA-USA-53

Coordinating Producer - DME Interns podcast

Project Title Coordinating Producer - DME Interns podcast
Project Summary VA’s upcoming DME Interns podcast is seeking a passionate coordinating producer who can support podcast show concepts and ensure program line-up and continuity.
Country United States
Agency Veterans Affairs Department
DoS Office N/A
Post N/A
Section N/A
Number of Interns 4
Project Description

Roles and Responsibilities:
- Coordinate and schedule guests for DME Interns Podcast
- Conduct research on potential guests and obtain research materials necessary for production.
- Finds creative strategic messaging concepts and content to reach the largest possible number of viewers and to increase market penetration, ratings, and viewership.
- Contributes to determining or determines the content and focus of the podcast including the stories comprising each episode;
- Assists the podcast producer by using an understanding of the Veteran community and news judgment to determine the agenda, concepts, and content of each episode.
- Assist the development of all of the creative concepts for each episode.
- Assist Social Media Production Assistants when needed with the design and implementation of innovative graphics for “Borne the Battle” podcast.
- Schedules and coordinates social media and blog write-ups of podcast episodes.
- Directly and through key subordinates, sets and ensures compliance with the highest levels of professionalism in all aspects of assigned episodes.
- Operates within the context of defined podcast show concepts, objectives, and outcomes.

Skills and Experience Preferred:
Seeking an applicant with marketing, business management, journalism, communications, or a related discipline, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Introductory experience with online journalism, including writing, editing preferred. Experience with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Calendar or online scheduling apps is preferred.

Podcast Background:
The DME Interns podcast has not launched yet. It is still in planning stages. However, our plan is to begin interviewing Veterans to tell their stories on the podcast, and then send a recording of the interview along with pictures, and any applicable information to the Library of Congress as a part of the Veterans History Project. The podcast will be a seasonal production which will be published at the end of the term. You will work with a team to find Veterans to interview, conduct interviews, record and edit audio, create transcripts, write blog posts, and create graphics for all of these interviews throughout the course of the internship. The final product will be published at the end of the internship.

Required Skills or Interests
Data analysis
Editing and proofreading
Additional Information

Internship Background:
The Department of Veterans Affairs' Digital Media Engagement Team internship is one of the largest and most established internship programs available through the Virtual Student Federal Service. This past year, our internship has hosted over 300 interns in various departments and leadership positions. If you want to join a team that is well structured and will offer meaningful work that will help you build skills that you can add to your resume, then we strongly encourage you to apply to our team.

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